Hi, welcome at Buckrider Studio, a small independant game studio focussing on mobile gaming.


Mathemechanic : A brain game inspired by Sudoku.

Mathemechanic brain gameMathemechanic menu screen

Train your brain with Mathemechanic, a brain game that has similarities with the popular japanese Sudoku game. The goal is to match a specific sum of each row and column by swithing the numbers on and off. There are many different board combinations you can play on and each has it's own save slot. Download it now and start polishing your math skills with this addictive puzzle game.

Download Mathemechanic

Bounce and Break : Builds upon arcade classics like Arkanoid

Bounce and Break brick breaker classic like Arkanoid and break-outBounce and Break, a clasic brick breaker arcade game

Bounce and Break is a adictive, fast paced arcade game that builds on top of classics like Arkanoid and Break-Out. Do you have what it takes to break all the blocks on the 18 different levels and beat the leaderboard allong the way?

Download Bounce and break